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Three Tips For Protecting Yourself Against Road Raging Drivers

30 December 2017
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Road rage is a serious issue that, unfortunately leads to not only potential car accidents, but also confrontation that leads to someone getting hurt. If you come across someone driving with road rage, even if you do nothing wrong, you could become a victim to their behavior. Here are three tips to protect yourself against it: ​Stay Clear: If the driver has threatened you or is driving closely to you as if threatening to hit you, then simply stay clear. Read More …

Four Tips For Avoiding The Increasing Rate Of Yearly Car Accidents

15 November 2017
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The rate of car accidents is steadily increasing every year and it mostly has to do with distraction from new technology that is being introduced into modern society. As a driver, avoiding an accident is important for not only your safety, but your financial situation as well. Besides, even if the insurance handles all the costs for you, you still have to deal with the stress of ensuring that you receive a settlement that you actually want. Read More …

When It Rains It Pours: Wet Road Dangers

15 November 2017
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A lot of people are caught off-guard by slick road dangers, particularly if it has been dry for a while in your area. You can get accustomed to stopping, starting and cornering on perfectly dry roads, and can get a big surprise when road conditions turn wet and slippery. It's a fact: it takes a great deal longer to come to a stop on wet surfaces, and if you fail to take those wet roads into consideration you could find yourself either causing a wreck, or hit by another driver. Read More …

Opening A Legal Dispute For A Store Injury

27 October 2017
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Did a piece of ceiling material fall down and injure you while shopping inside of a store? If you were left paying to treat the injury with no financial help from the store owner, consider explaining the situation to an attorney. You can likely hold the owner liable for the injury and open up a legal dispute if he or she doesn't cooperate. Even if the other party refuses to cooperate, he or she might have a change of heart if you put an attorney in charge of the situation. Read More …

Injuries Covered Under Birth-Injury Law

13 February 2017
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Being born is a traumatic process. The baby is squeezed through an opening that is barely large enough to get through, often forcing all of the baby's bones to stretch and collapse inward just long enough to get through the birth canal. If the baby has to be assisted through, additional, more-severe trauma may occur. If your baby is diagnosed with any disorder, healthcare problems, or severe injuries, you may want to consult a birth injury lawyer at a law firm like Snyder & Wenner, P. Read More …

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