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Are You Guaranteed Help? Why Some Attorneys Refuse Motorcycle Accident Cases

24 May 2018
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When you are in a motorcycle accident, you may find it more difficult to find an attorney to help you than you would think. There are some lawyers that will not take on a motorcycle case even if it seems to be a slam dunk case. The following are some reasons why it could be hard to find an attorney to represent you after a motorcycle accident. Not Specialized Most attorneys have one or more fields of expertise in which they specialize. Read More …

Got Kicked By A Cow? How And Why You Can Sue

17 April 2018
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Cows and horses both kick, and they kick hard. If you are working on a farm with either of these animals, and one of them kicks you, you can sue. Here is why you can sue, and how to go about it.  Farmhand or No, You Were Injured on Someone Else's Property Any injury you incur on someone else's property is a personal injury, and the property owner is responsible. Short of signing a waiver that says you accept responsibility for your presence on the property and what happens to you, the property owner has to provide for your care when a pet or farm animal hurts you. Read More …

Workplace Injuries That Are Not Covered By Workers’ Compensation

25 March 2018
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Although workers' compensation covers employee injuries that occur in the workplace, there are some injuries that it may not cover. Here are some of the injuries you may have trouble claiming from workers' compensation. Intoxication-Induced Injuries You will have a hard time claiming your workers' compensation benefits if you were injured while intoxicated; this is especially true if the intoxication contributed to the accident. Consider a case of a retail employee who slips and falls on the retail floor. Read More …

Three Little-Known Considerations When Dealing With Accident Aftermaths

21 February 2018
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After a car accident, you just want things to get back to normal. You want your car fixed, your injuries healed, any property damage mended, and your schedule back to normal. That's understandable. And if the accident is such that any of those may take a while to return to normal, you're going to do whatever you can to speed it up. However, by doing that, you could inadvertently make it harder to get compensation, especially if you have to take your case to court. Read More …

Three Tips For Protecting Yourself Against Road Raging Drivers

30 December 2017
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Road rage is a serious issue that, unfortunately leads to not only potential car accidents, but also confrontation that leads to someone getting hurt. If you come across someone driving with road rage, even if you do nothing wrong, you could become a victim to their behavior. Here are three tips to protect yourself against it: ​Stay Clear: If the driver has threatened you or is driving closely to you as if threatening to hit you, then simply stay clear. Read More …

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