Recover Damages After An Auto Accident With An Attorney's Assistance

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Recover Damages After An Auto Accident With An Attorney's Assistance

18 July 2019
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Were you recently involved in an auto accident? Millions of auto accidents occur each year in the United States, many of which cause extensive injuries or even death. If you were trying to recover compensation for damages and injuries but the insurance company is putting up a fight because the driver of the other vehicle claims you were the one in the wrong, you need an auto accident attorney to take the case.

Answering Questions About the Accident

You must go over important accident details with your attorney because the attorney needs to know when it happened, why it happened, and how it happened. You will likely need to answer some questions when consulting with the attorney to give him or her better insight into what happened on the road. These questions would include the following:

  1. Were you making a left-hand turn when the accident occurred? The attorney will ask this question because drivers that make left-hand turns are usually the ones that are at fault. However, not all situations are the same, and the other driver might still have been in the wrong despite your left-hand turn.
  2. Who had the right of way? The accident may have occurred because the other driver went right through a red light. If that driver had a red light, he or she should have made a complete stop, and that means you had the right of way in the first place.
  3. Were you distracted by anything? It is necessary to let your attorney know if you were distracted by anything before the accident occurred, such as a call from a loved one or something that you noticed on the road. The reason you need to be open about this is that the other driver and his or her attorney might attempt to use it against you.
  4. Did anyone see what happened? Having witnesses that are on your side can always help. If several people saw the accident as it happened, your attorney could speak to them and get witness statements from them.
  5. Where did it happen? You should know the name of the intersection where the accident occurred because the attorney will need to see what the intersection looks like. Your attorney might look for any surveillance cameras that are in that specific area because the cameras could have captured the accident on tape.

When the auto accident attorney asks you important questions, always provide accurate, honest answers to help with the case.

Building the Case Against the Other Driver

After answering questions that your attorney asks you, he or she may then move forward with building a strong case that proves you were innocent and the other driver was fully in the wrong, causing the two cars to collide. For example, the driver might not have been paying attention when he or she slammed right into your vehicle, or that driver could have been driving under the influence. Your attorney may hire experts to come in and help with recreating a model of the accident to provide a visual explanation of what happened. All the necessary steps are taken to help you get compensated.

Thousands of auto accidents occur on the roads each day, some of which lead to severely damaged vehicles, traumatic injuries, and even death. If you were just involved in an accident and are having a difficult time recovering damages from the other driver's insurance company, talk to an auto accident attorney about the accident and answer any questions the attorney might have for you. When you bring in a legal expert to go over the case, you will have someone who put in plenty of effort to get compensation for you.

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