Four Tips For Avoiding The Increasing Rate Of Yearly Car Accidents

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Four Tips For Avoiding The Increasing Rate Of Yearly Car Accidents

15 November 2017
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The rate of car accidents is steadily increasing every year and it mostly has to do with distraction from new technology that is being introduced into modern society. As a driver, avoiding an accident is important for not only your safety, but your financial situation as well. Besides, even if the insurance handles all the costs for you, you still have to deal with the stress of ensuring that you receive a settlement that you actually want. Here are four tips to help you avoid a car accident:

  1.  Be Aware of the Cars Around You: You can easily spot a distracted driver. There might be a small amount of swerving, or you noticed them on their phone when you drove by. Whatever the case, if you notice someone not driving safely, you should be aware and avoid driving too closely to them. You need to be aware of other cars around you too whether you are switching lanes or pulling out to turn, it's important that you know whether or not this is safe and clear to do. 
  2. Check All Your Blindspots: Even if you have reverse cameras on your car, you still need to look behind you and to the side of you physically. This is going to ensure that all of your blindspots are checked. This goes for checking physically when you make a lane change, as well. You also shouldn't rely on the mirrors alone, but instead be turning to look physically in these situations too. 
  3. Drive With Both Hands on the Wheel: It's easy to take your hands off the wheel, especially if you are tempted to check your phone. Once you take a hand of the wheel, you put yourself in a very vulnerable position because you are not able to react as quickly to situations. This also means not messing with the radio while driving. Wait until you come to a complete stop if you want to change the station or song. 
  4. Keep Your Car Maintained: It's easy to write off the small stuff when it comes to taking care of your vehicle because your vehicle will not show symptoms of needing these small things, such as oil changes, rotated tires, and more. Be sure to keep a note and don't rely on your car to tell you when these things are needed because it won't. 

These four things along can easily ensure that you are less likely to be involved in a car accident. If you do end up in one, though, you may want to contact legal professionals such as Radano & Lide for assistance.

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