Three Tips For Protecting Yourself Against Road Raging Drivers

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Three Tips For Protecting Yourself Against Road Raging Drivers

30 December 2017
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Road rage is a serious issue that, unfortunately leads to not only potential car accidents, but also confrontation that leads to someone getting hurt. If you come across someone driving with road rage, even if you do nothing wrong, you could become a victim to their behavior. Here are three tips to protect yourself against it:

  1. ​Stay Clear: If the driver has threatened you or is driving closely to you as if threatening to hit you, then simply stay clear. Either slow down so that they can speed ahead of you or get off the road and drive back on once they have sped away. This is definitely the best way to avoid stooping down to that person's level, which could only lead to confrontational issues or a car accident that can be difficult to prove as not your fault. Most likely, this driver is going to blame you and make it extremely difficult to work with on getting compensation from. Most likely, you will wind up in court, which is just not worth it, so staying clear is the best way to avoid a serious problem. 
  2. Call the Police: If you are seriously feeling threatened, it's much better to call the police rather than confront the person. If you are able to get a license plate number and hand it over to the police, then you know someone will be able to safely handle the situation. This is also the best way to potentially get a seriously dangerous driver off the road. 
  3. Do Not Interact: While you may avoid face to face confrontation, you also want to avoid any interaction altogether. Some people think giving that person the finger is okay, but it can actually make the person even more upset, thus resulting in serious issue between you and that person that could even get you worked up and involved in dangerous actions that could be held against you. 

If you have been involved in an accident with a driver with road rage, it's important that you definitely prepare yourself to snap a picture or memorize the license plate number since these types of drivers are the most likely to drive away from the scene. If they do stop, simply call the police and exchange information without any accusation or confrontation. If they attempt to place the blame on you, just ignore them. You don't want to end up saying anything that could be held against you. If you are injured, contact a personal injury attorney to help you win compensation against this person in an easier and smoother way.

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