Opening A Legal Dispute For A Store Injury

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Opening A Legal Dispute For A Store Injury

27 October 2017
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Did a piece of ceiling material fall down and injure you while shopping inside of a store? If you were left paying to treat the injury with no financial help from the store owner, consider explaining the situation to an attorney. You can likely hold the owner liable for the injury and open up a legal dispute if he or she doesn't cooperate. Even if the other party refuses to cooperate, he or she might have a change of heart if you put an attorney in charge of the situation. This article explains what might happen if you pursue a legal dispute to obtain money from the other party.

Witnesses Will Be Found & Questioned

One aspect that will be involved with an attorney building up your case is for him or her to find witnesses. The perk of having witnesses is that your argument against the store owner will be more believable in the eyes of the laws. Anyone that was around you in the store at the time of the incident can be a possible witness for your case. An attorney might begin finding witnesses by speaking to people that work at the store. However, if the employees are too fearful about losing their job to speak, the attorney will attempt finding consumers that were in the store at the time.

The Attorney Will Investigate the Store

The liability that the store owner has for your injury will have to be investigated before you can receive a payment. An attorney will visit the store to investigate the damaged area of the ceiling that caused your injury. Photographs of the damage might be taken during the investigation process. Other areas of the ceiling and store will also be investigated so the attorney can determine how well the store is taken care of. If the store seems to be neglected, the he or she might also do some research to find out if the owner has been sued for injuries in the past.

Meeting with the Store Owner Will Be Attempted

In order to keep the situation under control and cordial, your attorney will attempt meeting with the store owner. As long as the owner agrees to meet, it is possible that the dispute can get resolved in a speedy amount of time. The meeting will consist of the attorney explaining how you were injured in the store, as well as providing evidence to back it up. The other party might offer you a settlement in an effort to prevent the dispute from moving into the court. Basically, the owner might try to resolve things cordially to protect his or her business reputation.

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