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Is Time Running Out For Your Workers’ Comp?

27 January 2017
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If you have suffered from a work-related injury or illness and are now receiving workers' comp benefits, you may not consider how long your benefits could go on. Being able to stay home and get better is an invaluable perk, even if you are only receiving a portion of your normal salary while doing so. Moreover, having medical bills taken care of means one less thing to stress about. You should know, however, that these types of benefits are not meant to be indefinite. Read More …

Did Sepsis Kill Your Loved One In A Hospital? If So, It’s Time To Ask Some Hard Questions

27 January 2017
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Sepsis is a medical condition that some people refer to as "blood poisoning." It is always triggered by an infection. Once it starts, it can quickly lead to widespread organ failure and death. The worst part, however, is that many cases of sepsis are the result of substandard hygiene practices in healthcare facilities and hospitals, and the symptoms are often ignored until it is too late to reverse the damage that's been done. Read More …

5 Tips for Dealing With Medical Malpractice Dealing With Birth Control

27 January 2017
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Birth control is considered a relatively safe medication; however, there are certainly ways that medical malpractice can occur in the process of obtaining birth control. Not sure if you have experienced damage at the hands of medical malpractice? These tips will help you understand it. 1. Birth control pills may be linked to some dangerous conditions. These include stroke, angina, pulmonary embolism, different types of cancer, high blood pressure, and migraine headaches. Read More …

New Changes Likely on the Horizon for Montana Firefighters and Those in Other States As Well

26 January 2017
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Is Montana finally in line to allow workers' compensation coverage to firefighters who develop lung diseases over the course of their employment? If so, the state will become the latest to conform to what is now the practice in a majority of states. Here is what you should know. Firefighters are more likely to develop cancer than other people. The medical evidence seems fairly clear: firefighters, by virtue of their exposure to toxic fumes, smoke, and chemical-laden air that contains everything from asbestos fibers to formaldehyde from household insulation that's gone up in flames, end up with more cases of cancer than the general population. Read More …

Beyond Insurance: Personal Injury And Adequate Compensation

25 January 2017
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Most people only have a foggy idea of the difference between what auto insurance covers and how that relates to a personal injury case. It may not be until you are actually involved in a wreck caused by a careless driver that you begin to explore what the insurance carrier can and cannot do for you. If you have been injured and the injury has caused more damage than a body shop can repair, here is what you need to know. Read More …

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