Steps That Will Support Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

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Steps That Will Support Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

30 May 2023
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A motorcycle attorney is a specialized injury attorney who seeks compensation for those who were hurt in an accident that was no fault of their own. Read on to learn about some of the steps you may need to take while your legal case is active.

Avoid Admissions Of Guilt

You will need to contact your insurance provider after the motorcycle accident. This will result in an insurance adjuster being assigned to inspect your motorcycle. During the meeting with the adjuster, avoid admitting any wrongdoing.

If you have already consulted with an injury attorney, they may act as a liaison and speak to the adjuster on your behalf. Not revealing any details that could be misconstrued and make you appear to be the guilty party will provide you with the best opportunity to receive compensation for the accident. 

Obtain The Police Record

Police are called after any type of vehicular accident that takes place on a public roadway. The police officer that oversees an incident report will document what they observe. They will record information about the time of day, the weather, and the road conditions.

It is your right to obtain a copy of the police report. Your lawyer will look over the report. They will pay close attention to any details that could indicate that you are not guilty of any wrongdoing. For instance, if the weather was inclement on the day of the accident, this fact could work in your favor.

Your attorney will discuss the police report with you. They will also ask you for your rendition of what happened prior to and during the accident. Your attorney will prepare a case based on all of the factual details that they compile.

Prepare A Legal File

Medical records, documentation that pertains to the loss of wages, and other critical records can be added to a custom file that you prepare. This file should include all of the materials that you may need throughout the legal proceedings. Your attorney may prepare a separate file for their own use.

Reviewing all of the paperwork that is in your file will help you better prepare yourself for the legal battle. Keeping information fresh in your mind will ensure that you are able to accurately answer the questions that are asked of you during a preliminary hearing or an actual hearing. Your file should be kept in a lockbox or another secure storage device.

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