Pursuing Compensation As A Passenger After A Truck Accident

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Pursuing Compensation As A Passenger After A Truck Accident

14 December 2021
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Accident victims understand compensation better today than they did years ago. Many people know that they should call the police, lawyers, and other authorities when involved in an accident. However, few people know the rights of an injured passenger compared to an injured driver. Therefore, many fail to take the proper steps after the accident and miss out on their rightful compensation. Here is everything you need to know about pursuing a settlement as a passenger after a vehicle accident. 

Your Right to Compensation 

As a passenger, you have an equal right to compensation as the driver when you get hurt in a truck accident. You can consult an attorney and have them help you get a settlement if the driver's insurer refuses to pay. It will help if you get compensation for lost wages when you cannot return to work. As an accident victim, you might also lose property like vehicles, homes, and other assets when settling the bills incurred from the accident. You also deserve compensation for the medical bills incurred and also for the emotional pain that the accident inflicted upon you. The lawyer will also help you file for compensation for other non-economic damages you suffered. 

Determining Who Caused the Accident

The amount of compensation you receive after an accident depends on who caused the accident and the liability insurance available. If the driver of your car caused the accident, they should compensate you whether it was a single or multiple vehicle accident. If the negligent party was the driver of another vehicle, you and your driver could ask for compensation from the errant party. If the other driver was at fault, but they are under-insured, then the insurer of the vehicle you were in should compensate you for the injuries. 

Multiple Person Injuries and Compensation

The amount of compensation you get depends on how many people got injured in the accident. For example, if the vehicle had three injured passengers, the insurer will pay out a particular amount, which all three of you must agree to share. You can consult a vehicle accident lawyer to help you understand how much compensation you deserve after you settle the accident claim.

It is possible to get compensated as a passenger after a truck accident. Consult a local truck accident lawyer and understand the procedures you should follow in getting justice. A lawyer will make the settlement process simple and more manageable for you.

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