3 Strategies A Car Accident Attorney Can Use To Prove Emotional Distress

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3 Strategies A Car Accident Attorney Can Use To Prove Emotional Distress

5 November 2021
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Were you injured in a car accident? If so, you likely have various doctors' appointments you have to deal with. Some injury victims do not realize that their accidents cause them emotional distress. They might dismiss their unusual feelings as just being stressed out about things such as paying their bills or returning to work. There are a variety of damages that injury victims may be compensated for, and emotional distress is a compensable injury that can be filed on a claim or in a lawsuit. 

It is unwise to ignore signs of emotional distress. Changes in eating habits, trouble sleeping, new fears, anxiety, and depression are all examples of things a victim might experience if they have accident-related emotional distress. You might be told by others that you likely will not get a judgment for emotional distress. Car accident cases involving emotional distress claims are complex, but a car accident attorney can be used as a resource to strengthen and prove your case. The following points identify a few strategies that can be used in car accident settlement negotiations and lawsuits.

Current and Previous Medical Records

You might feel uneasy about releasing your medical records for review. However, this is an important part of proving your case. Medical records of victims who did not have any mental or emotional issues until after their car accidents could have high evidentiary value in a personal injury case. Even if there is a record of prior issues, a personal injury lawyer could provide proof that the symptoms were being successfully managed or were no longer an issue at the time of the accident,

Witness Testimonies

There are two types of witness testimonies that can help a vehicle accident case that seeks damages for emotional distress. The first witnesses are typically individuals who know you personally. They could be colleagues, classmates, friends, professors, employers, family, friends, or others in your community. These individuals can give information regarding how a victim's behavior has changed or symptoms they have seen that something is amiss. Expert witnesses are also beneficial. These might be therapists, doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists who have given treatment to the victim. Some expert witnesses are considered good for a case when they have treated other injury victims who had emotional distress.

Connection Between Physical Injuries and Emotional Issues

Lawyers for the defense in car accident cases will try to disprove the validity of an emotional distress claim. A personal injury attorney can use tact and produce facts to support a victim's claim. Sometimes the injuries make it almost obvious that a victim is likely emotionally affected. For example, the loss of limbs, severe scarring, or disfigurement are all things that may affect the average individual's emotional health.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for a personal injury attorney near you.

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