Why You Need A Lawyer In Your Lung Cancer Disability Claim

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Why You Need A Lawyer In Your Lung Cancer Disability Claim

18 January 2021
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Lung cancer can develop because of many factors. Most people develop the condition because of exposure to radon, radiation, asbestos, or other carcinogens. When it comes to lung cancer claims, the government considers some cases for disability payments.  However, the disease has to either be progressed or aggressive for you to get help. 

Most people get their claims denied because of avoidable mistakes during the application process. It would be great to hire a disability lawyer before making your lung cancer claim. An experienced lawyer will use some tactics to ensure you receive your due benefits. Here's what the lawyer will do to make it happen.

Assessing Your Case to Determine the Possibility of Winning

The lawyer will help establish whether your cancer meets the criteria set by the authorities. They will use the set guidelines to determine whether you qualify for help. In most cases, you will qualify if the doctors can no longer operate on your lung cancer and it has spread to the bronchi.

The social security department might also consider you for benefits if you have small-cell cancer and are receiving multiple therapies for it. Disability lawyers understand the conditions set in the guideline book better than anyone else. They will help you weigh your chances of a successful application and decide how to proceed.

Gathering Records to Strengthen Your Claim

The second step in filing the claim is giving the needed medical and non-medical evidence. The medical evidence should come from medical reports and documents such as biopsy results. If you qualify, they will automatically approve you. On the other hand, you may need to provide non-medical evidence when you do not meet the criteria.

To verify your claim, the Social Security Services might request for a functional ability result. The report helps them establish whether you can do any form of work. They will grant the benefits if they conclude you can't perform well in any job. Your lawyer will do their best to get you ready for the functional capacity test and get the best results.

Appealing for the Denied Benefits

If you already submitted the application but they denied the benefits, speak to a lawyer before appealing. They will assess your first application and help you correct your mistakes. They will also help you organize an appeal so you can get the benefits they denied you. Appealing for these benefits yourself will only frustrate you more and even complicate the process.

Lung cancer can disrupt your life and complicate any chance of gainful employment. However, a competent attorney will help you get benefits and cover your bills.

To learn more about your options when you have lung cancer, contact a resource like Cooney and Conway.

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