Why It's Best To Avoid Discussing Accident Details With The Paramedics

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Why It's Best To Avoid Discussing Accident Details With The Paramedics

9 April 2019
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A lot transpires at an accident scene, and you don't want any of it coming back to jeopardize your eventual legal action against the motorist who caused the collision. It's easy to start talking to the paramedics who are helping you, but when it comes to discussing details of the accident, it's best to keep your lips closed. While you'll definitely want to be open about the pain that you're experiencing, as well as answer any injury-retailed details from these first responders, avoiding talking about the details of the accident itself with the paramedics is generally a smart idea. Here are some reasons why.

You May Offer An Inconsistency

The biggest risk about talking about the accident with the paramedics is that you might say something that is inconsistent with what you tell the police. Doing so is easy enough, especially if you're upset about the accident or perhaps even if you've had a head injury. The problem is that if the defendant's attorneys are able to reach out to the paramedics later on to ask about their interactions with you, they might reveal the details of what you said. This could cast doubt on the official record of the accident, which may make your case more difficult.

You Don't Need To Tell Them

Paramedics are there to treat your injuries and transport you to the hospital, as needed. They aren't accident scene investigators, and while you might get a paramedic who is curious about what happened, you don't have to tell him or her in the same manner that you should give your version of the events to a police officer who has responded to the scene. You'll usually find that most paramedics stick to the task at hand — your health — but if someone is asking about the accident, you can safely decline to answer his or her questions.

You Might Be Dishonest

It can be easy for some people to make dishonest statements when they're under stress, which means that this can definitely happen at a car accident scene. For example, you might want to get more sympathy from the paramedic, and perhaps make it seem as though you're in more pain than you are. If the defendant's legal team eventually were to interview the paramedic, and he or she were to suggest that you weren't being honest at the scene, the attorneys may refute your claims about your injuries.

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