Got Kicked By A Cow? How And Why You Can Sue

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Got Kicked By A Cow? How And Why You Can Sue

17 April 2018
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Cows and horses both kick, and they kick hard. If you are working on a farm with either of these animals, and one of them kicks you, you can sue. Here is why you can sue, and how to go about it. 

Farmhand or No, You Were Injured on Someone Else's Property

Any injury you incur on someone else's property is a personal injury, and the property owner is responsible. Short of signing a waiver that says you accept responsibility for your presence on the property and what happens to you, the property owner has to provide for your care when a pet or farm animal hurts you. If you were on the property because you are a farmhand, then the owner should have business insurance and farm insurance that covers injuries and accidents. If he/she does not, you can still treat the incident as a personal injury case and sue.

Getting Kicked by a Cow or Horse Produces a Major Injury

Cows and horses can kick with quite a bit of force. Their kicks can break bones and even crush skulls, causing brain trauma. It is a major personal injury, one that requires immediate medical attention. When you are not the one that owns the offending animal, the owner is responsible. It would be the same as if a neighbor's pit bull or German shepherd mauled you; the neighbor is responsible for your medical bills, treatments, and long-term care when the injuries are grave enough to require it.

You May Have Psychological Trauma That Prevents You from Returning to Work

Being kicked so hard by an animal of strength and size can be very traumatic, both physically and psychologically. If you feel that you can no longer return to farm or ranch work because the accident affected you psychologically and now cows/horses are terrifying to you, you may be entitled to compensation for psychological care, too. Proof is required (e.g., panic attacks when you get close to the animals, avoiding similar animals to avoid being kicked, etc.).

Filing Suit 

To file this type of personal injury lawsuit, you only have to hire a personal injury lawyer. The lawyer will need to see pictures, medical records, x-rays, etc., of the extent of the injuries you incurred when the cow or horse kicked you. If you are a family member seeking compensation for a family member that is now completely incompetent because the kick caused brain damage, you should be present with your family member to help explain the situation and file the suit.

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