How You Can Tell if You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

Are you thinking about hiring an attorney due to an accident or personal injury? Learn more about what to expect from the process.

How You Can Tell if You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

31 January 2017
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Accidents happen from time to time and the outcome of some of those accidents should be discussed with a reputable personal injury attorney. To help you determine whether your situation is one that should be handled by an attorney, you will want to review the following points.

You Are Going To Miss Too Much Work

Missing a single day of work may not be too much of a concern for you, especially if you have some paid sick time that you can use so you are not missing any money out of your check. However, if you have found that you have been out of work since your accident and you are running out of paid time off, you will want to quickly consult with a skilled attorney. You have bills to pay and you need to make sure that you have access to the money to pay them. Your attorney will work hard to get the responsible party to pay for the work that you are missing out on. Also, if you are going to have to go through several surgeries in the future, you will want to take that time into consideration as well by having your personal injury attorney ask for future lost wages.

You Are Getting A Lot Of Phone Calls From An Insurance Company

Even if it seems as though the insurance company that is calling you is trying to act in your best interest, you have to remember that they represent the party that caused your injuries. If you do not have a lot of experience reading legal jargon, you will want to speak to an attorney. He or she will be able to handle all future communication with insurance companies or any attorney that may be representing the guilty party. This is crucial for your case because you do not want to accidentally sign papers that extinguish your rights to sue anyone in court for the full compensation that you deserve.

When in doubt, simply give a reputable personal injury attorney, such as those at  Charlie Tucker P.A., a call. Schedule a consultation as soon as possible and if you are not able to go to the attorney's office, ask if an attorney can come to your home or hospital room. This way, you will be able to continue to rest without having to wait to begin the process of getting the compensation that you deserve because of your injuries.

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