3 Reasons To Hire An Auto Accident Lawyer

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3 Reasons To Hire An Auto Accident Lawyer

11 April 2016
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An auto accident lawyer is a very useful and important resource when you have been involved in an auto accident because he or she can help you deal with the situation. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to hire an auto accident lawyer to assist with your case.

Improve Your Case

The primary function of any auto accident attorney is to improve your case so that you can get the money that you are owed following an accident. An attorney can do this by compiling evidence showing that you did not cause the accident. This can be done by looking at the other driver's phone records to establish if he or she was talking or texting on the phone when he or she struck your vehicle or by interviewing witnesses to determine if anyone noticed if the other driver was driving recklessly.

Increase Settlement Amounts

One of the most difficult aspects of many auto accident cases is determining what to do about a settlement offer. Many insurance companies will often offer to settle in order to simply get the case over and done with and to try to save themselves a bit of money.

They will often try to accomplish this by offering a sum that will appear generous but may not in your best interests. The reason that a settlement offer may not be in your best interests is that once you accept that offer you cannot go back and attempt to sue at a later date -- even if the settlement money runs out before you accident-related bills are paid.

An attorney can help you determine exactly how much money that you are likely to need to pay the medical and repair bills from the accident and negotiate with the insurance company to get at least that amount. In many cases, your attorney will attempt to get you even more than that if he or she thinks that you have a very strong case.

No Upfront Costs

Finally, an auto accident attorney can help you out by offering to work on a contingency basis. This means that your attorney will often not require any upfront fees when he or she takes your case. Instead, the attorney will be paid out of any award or settlement that you receive if the case is won. This can often be a big weight off of your shoulders as you will not need to stress out about finding the money to pay an attorney or about receiving a large bill if the case is lost.

Make an appointment to speak with an auto accident attorney from a company like J D'Agostino & Associates, P.C. to discuss your case and what steps will need to be taken to strengthen it. In addition to improving your case, an attorney can help you get better settlement offers and will often be willing to do so on a contingency basis.

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