How To Protect Yourself From Motorcycle Accidents

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How To Protect Yourself From Motorcycle Accidents

12 September 2018
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One way to reduce both the risks of motorcycle accidents and the extent of injuries in such accidents is to wear safety or protective gear. Here is some of the safety gear you need:


The helmet is the premiere protective gear for motorcycle riders. The helmet protects you from injury in two main ways; first, the helmet's visor prevents dust and debris (including flying insects) from getting into your eyes. Secondly, the helmet reduces the force of impact on your head in case of an accident. By absorbing some of the shocks of the impact, the helmet can reduce or prevent head injuries in an accident. The helmet is such an effective protective gear that some jurisdictions have enacted laws requiring all riders to have it.


It is also safer to ride with a pair of hand gloves than to use your bare hands. For one, bare hands can easily get oily or moist and interfere with your grips on the handlebars. More importantly, however, the gloves protect your hand from severe injuries in case of a crash. Most people instinctively use their hands to brace themselves in case of an accident. Imagine using your bare hands on the tarmac during an accident; you can easily strip your hands of all the skin and most of the underlying tissues if you aren't careful.

Riding Boots

The riding boots offer your feet and toes the same kind of protection that the gloves offer your hands. This is why you need thick or strong boots that won't crumble upon impact. Get comfortable boots that you can ride for long without cramps. There are also reflective boots that increase visibility at night or in foggy conditions.

Riding Goggles

Apart from helmets, goggles also offer your eyes a good form of protection. For one, wearing goggles reduce the risk of flying insects or road debris getting into your eyes and causing you to lose control of the bike. Secondly, the right goggles will also protect your eyes from flying debris, such as shards of glass, in the case of an accident.

Body Armor

Lastly, you can also wear body armor to protect your torso from severe injuries in case of a crash. Good body armor will do for you what the airbags do to a driver – absorb the force of an impact in a crash. Not only that, but a strong body armor will also prevent cuts and lacerations.

Remember not to admit liability for a crash if you are involved in an accident, even if you weren't wearing any safety gear. Seek medical attention and then consult a group like Palmetto Injury Lawyers to help you determine if you can hold anyone liable for your injuries.

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